In case you think all Norwegians are crazy and barbarian vikings running around fighting and plundering, let me clarify...

By the way, meet my hubby:


No, we only do this in the weekends. Here are some pics from last saturday.


The boys fighting with sticks. They are really good boys. Take Helgi for instance, the big one, he never uses his sword on his younger brother, but prefers hitting him with logs.


As for me, I'd rather shoot my enemies before they get too close...


No point in competing against hubby, he always beats me.


If you're wondering why I was dressed in "sivilian clothes", It's because I had to work too. Can't scare off everyone in my working time, you know. But next weekend we are planning on invading Oslo and the medieval fair, and then I'll be all "vikinged" up.

Anyway - Rogue makes a great shooting outfit too...

Postet av: Karine

Herlige bilder! :-))

29.08.2005 @ 09:05
Postet av: Andrea

Wonderful pictures! And this time, I can read and understand your writing :) Your're Rogue looks great too in this green.

29.08.2005 @ 10:08
Postet av: Fuglemamma

Så fin fotoroman du har laget;-)

29.08.2005 @ 12:55
Postet av: Maggie Ann

Wow! It looks like a different time period altogether. You family must have great fun together, the pictures are so enjoyable to see.

29.08.2005 @ 23:17
Postet av: Siow Chin

I'm sure your husband must be Viggo Mortensen (oops, is he Danish?) :D)! Love the fighting, the landscape and best of all, your Rogue!

30.08.2005 @ 02:56
Postet av: cara

beautiful sweater,beautiful pictures.I love that green you used

Postet av: Rebecca

I bet that's the best picture of Rogue in action! :) And once again, yours came out so nicely!

Postet av: Maura

I love your blog! I see now that I am living in the wrong country (Japan). Your bobbin lace is gorgeous. I loved the picture of you working at the museum in the viking garb, which was also beautiful. Now, yet another reason to visit Norway! Hmm... lampworking, knitting, naalbinding, vikings, wool.. yup this could be dangerous.

31.08.2005 @ 14:05
Postet av: Becky

What FABULOUS shots! And Rogue looks great as an archer. Better than a Rowan photo shoot :-)

01.09.2005 @ 08:48
Postet av: jenna

Helene, your Rogue is beautiful! And I agree with Rebecca--it's the best picture of Rogue I've seen.

01.09.2005 @ 12:10
Postet av: Marianne H

Kære Helenehar set din blog på Hemmelige Nordiske Ven´s gruppeside - og jeg må sige du har en flot og spændende blog. Jeg elsker dine billeder og spændende at se alle de flotte ting du har lavet. Jeg vil fortælle at i vores familie spiller vores store børn live-rollespil og hele familien interesserer sig for middelalderen og vikingemarkeder. så det var ekstra sjovt at se din side. Mine børn spiller 1 weekend hver måned + ekstra arrangement.De bedste hilsnerMarianne, Danmark

02.09.2005 @ 17:04
Postet av: Lizzi

Beautiful color for your Rogue, and it's so cool that you're an archer! I've always wanted to try it, and I was excited when my college catalog said there was a class offered for it, but then it was canceled, and never offered again.

03.09.2005 @ 03:16
Postet av: Maura

I love your blog and would love to know more about you! So, consider yourself "tagged'. The questions are on my blog at the link below. Thanks again for such a cool blog.-Maura (Sendai, Japan)

05.09.2005 @ 11:44

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