Sockapaloooza :)

My sockapaloooza socks are here :) all four of them. Coz my fab sock pal Erica didn't stop at one pair - she made me two pairs, so it was well worth the wait.


The first pair is in Regia 6 ply, with crazy miss-matched stripes. They will look great in my Regia see-through boots. The second pair is made from Dale Falk from - NORWAY - well, at least the yarn got to travel a bit before it came home again :) These are very special socks, Erica designed a map of the state Oregon on one sock, and a pine tree on the other. I'm not too familiar with the states in the US (I think we had to learn them in English class once, but that's a loooong time ago), but from now on I'll always think of my socks when I hear the name Oregon!
And look at all that Kool-Aid she threw in. How DID she know...  ;-)  I'm so spoiled!

And guess what - my socks reached their new owner too - AND she likes them. How great is that, another sockapaloza sucess :-)

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Fantastisk kjekt lese hvordan dine sokker ble mottatt!!

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