Marius I

Mariusgenseren er ferdig - og utprøvd av Lilja. Hun fikk bare prøve den til fotograferingen, altså, etterpå ble den brutalt revet av for innpakking og avstedsending til et fjerntliggende land. Hvit ullgenser - ikke superwash - til en treåring? Tror dere denne mammaen kommer til å hate meg?

Marius2 Marius1

The Marius sweater is done - and tested by Lilja. She only got to try it on for the photo, I ripped it off her the second we were done, ready for wrapping and shipping to a faraway country. White wool sweater - not mashine washable - for a three year old? Do you think this mom is going to hate me?

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wow, very beautiful. I certainly wouldn't hate you if I were the mother in question.

Me too, I would not hate you. It's beautiful and I'll frame it up.

Wow,If the mother is anything like me, she'd have alot of satisfaction handwashing it and watching it dry flat! I don't think it took you very long.. I just started a Marius for my 9 year old son, in a worsted weight with royal blue as the primary, from a translated Sandnes book. He'll wear any sweater as long as it's blue!Wendy

Hello Helene,this pullover is realy great.But I would hate you for the wasching.perhaps this child doesnt move.But I like to know where the introduction come from.Best wishes Petra

Veldig flott genser. Kan noen som fr noe s fint hate deg da? Jeg tror ikke det :)

Gorgeous! I think the mother will be thrilled.

Beautiful job! I'm *sure* the mother will love it! It certainly looks like that very pretty little girl does.

I'm sure she will love it. I'm knitting the same colourway for my daughter using Smart machine washable wool :)

I'm sure she will keep it clean.......... ;)

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