Sock arrival

What are the chances...
I've been very busy lately, and so I've paid almost no attention to Alison's extensive sockapal2za posts. Last Tuesday I flipped through two or three of them, and one post caught my eye, because of the beautiful cabling, and the strange angle of the picture. Later the very same day I pick up a box at the post office, way too big to contain only a pair of socks....


Not only did Ashley's lovely socks appear, she had also sent me a card, a map to explain the journey of my socks (witch have been knitted in three different states), the leftover yarn, and two boxes containing dried blueberries and cherries. All was beautifully wrapped. I must have the most thoughtful sock pal ever!


And the best thing; They fit :) THANKS ASHLEY!!

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Oh, Helene, I'm SO glad they fit! It was my first time making socks for someone else, so I was worried. I'm glad you like them, although I think they are not half as beautiful as the ones you are sending!!

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