Life is not fair

I'm sure you've noticed, so it won't come as a total shock!

Here's why:

I've participated in the Sockapalooza since the stone age January 2005, and I've been a winner all along. I bet you didn't even know it was a contest ;-)
In the first Sockapalooza I was the first one to finish my socks, and also the first to receive socks. Lovely, wooly and warm blueberry waffles. I've knitted this pattern myself later on. It was very rewarding to read how my socks were received, I know they got a decent home.
At thesockapal2zamy socks took kind of a detour.I madetraditional socksfrom Norway, but my pal had obviously taken on more than she could handle, and the socks were passed along to her pal. Even if they didn't end up with the person they were made for, I got the feeling they were aprecheated. In return I got the most delitious cabeled socks, and my pal spoiled me rotten with everything else as well.
At the sockapaloooza 3 I once again made traditional socks. And this time I got TWO pairs of socks in return. AND treats. Too good to last. Where could this end... at the next sockapalooza perhaps...?

For once no traditional socks this year. I started out on one pair, wasn't happy with the yarn and ripped back. Due to summer tour with all sorts of viking activities I almost ran out of time (knitting is not invented yet, so when being a viking I really shouldn't knit!). I wound up with too little time on my hands, and took a shortcut knitting some cabeled socks I've been wanting to make for some time, instead of the intricate colourwork I had chosen in the first place.


Well, my pal seems happy, and I finished in time. So far so good.


Then my sockapalooza package arrived, and this is what I found:


According to my pal Teresa I'd actually had the nerve to ask for cabeled knee highs!Once busy with the sockapalooza I usually concentate a lot on the socks I'm making myself, almost forgetting that there is someone out there making something for me, so I had no recollection of my requests.
She has actually made me a pair of Cookie A's gorgeous knee stockings in Baby garn on 2mm dpns (?). AND she brought treats. A miniature sock blocker with matching sock, candy, postcards, tea, a pattern and the spare yarn. She must be out of her mind... Words can't do this justice, neither can a photo, but I'll try:


Well - looks like I won the sockapalooza AGAIN!!

Life is not fair. While others puts in lots of effort and sometimes gets nothing at all back, I've just finished off four sucessfull rounds with the best results ever. I'm so happy I signed up to be a sock saviour. May be I'll get to repay some of it...

Aren't you totally envious? I told you so... not fair...I know... sorry...

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Helene! I am thrilled that I got you to knit for and that I made a pair of socks that I think you truly deserve!

I am also glad to be introduced to your blog, it is so interesting and informative.

I loved watching the tv program with your family, (not understanding a word) and seeing how you all go away together and do traditional crafting and, for lack of a better word, re-enacting.

The socks look great!

I was really worried they may not fit, I hope that they really do.

Wear them well and in good health!


You really are a winner!

Teresa knit you some fantastic socks!

Herlighet, det var nydelige knestrmper! Tenk legge ned s mye kjrlighet og arbeid i et par sokker som skal gies bort til en totalt fremmed person... Du er virkelig en vinner :)

Those are beautiful - both the socks you knitted for your pal and the ones you recieved!

No, I think life is fair.

They are absolutely lovely, and considering the work you put in every year, and the lovely socks you made for your pal, you deserve them.

And I bet your pal had a fun time making them too.

those are beautiful socks you received! bare bra!

Skulle berre det nokon som fortener slike sokkar er det nok deg :-). Eg er sjlvsagt grn av misunning.

Flotte sokker! Men du har sendt fra deg noen fantastiske sokker selv ogs. Gubben fikk faktisk etpar russersokker(uten at jeg visste hva det het fr n!) av moren sin ifjor til jul, og jeg har lurt meg grnn p hvordan de ble strikket! N m jeg bare prve:-)

Beautiful socks! I really must try some of the Cookie's patterns soon.

I so wish knitting had been already known in the Viking times, too! But well, we can always stick to naalbinding and spinning (which I'm going to try very soon! ^^)

S han ble satt ut av en gjeng med mker, ja det var vel ikke meningen at dere skulle p markedet denne gangen da? ;)

Du m hilse masse!!


Oh my gosh, this is absolutely amazing! You're certainly a winner, big time! Cookie's patterns are so gorgeous, but they sure take up a lot of time to knit! But I also really like the socks you knit for your pal, so it sure was a fair swap! Enjoy your new socks!

De sokkene var helt nydelige!

Men Teresa har nok ftt noen sokker sette pris p hun ogs!

Er litt lei sokker for tiden, men n fikk jeg lyst til finne frem litt garn og sette igang...

Those knee highs you received are gorgeous, as are the socks you knit.

Takk for hyggelig kommentar i bloggen min!

Men FOR en fin blogg du har! S mye fint! Er omgende lagt til i bloglines! Ser ut som om vi har et par interesser felles, ja! :-))))) Yllet-garnet er jo hespet veldig fint, s er jo ikke no'gli i kose seg med SE p det en (lang)stund fr en bruker det! Da varer det jo bare lengre!

Interesting your website. I will visit tomorrow. Thanks for your works

I enjoy seeing all your lovely knits.

I'm curious to know where to find the instructions for that sweet shorter bit-of-cable-in-the-front pair that you've shown in blue.

Dette m vre de flotteste sokkene jeg noen gang har sett.

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