Tour 2007 - New tricks

Well - let's go back in time... about a month back to be precise. I've just managed to escape slavery finished my last day at work before summer vacations, running home to grab my already packed suitcases and jumping on the first car - bus - train - car to try and catch up with my family, who had already been roaming around for several weeks. Destination: Nordic Craft Camp!

After 22 hours on car - bus - train - car (Norway is larger than you think!!) I found myself in a very flooded part of Sweden, Skne. Luckily the worst rain was over, and things were about to dry up as the camp started. This was our 6th camp in 9 years, may be you remember 05 and 04? We met lots of old friends, and made some new ones.

This year the theme was "exclusive crafts of Skne". This used to be a very rich part of Sweden, and women didn't have to take part of the everyday toil. Instead they could devote themselves to finer handcrafts, like weaving and embroidery. This has left Skne with a vast heritage of exclusive textiles, far outnumbering any other part of Scandinavia. This year I decided to stick to the yarn - after all that's what I'm good at - and chose to follow the workshops for traditional embroidery and flemish weaving.


The embroidery from this part of Sweden is very special, and I've admired the large, colourful pillows for years. However that was a bit too much to cope with for two days, so I ended up with a small pillow instead, but very cute indeed! While I spent the first day and evening embroidering, the second day was devoted to putting it all together. It actually took just as long to make the fringe and stitch it all together - by hand. We had a brilliant teacher (right photo), who during her education had done research on just this kind of embroidery!

But once I'd started I just couldn't stop! I hurried up to make myself a new kit before the class was over, and stitched away.

No time to rest - our outing the third day was also spent stitching. Those padded bus seats make great pattern holders, and the trays for holding cups and stuff are real handy for embroidery supplies and tools;-)


By the end of the week I had three finished product, the pillow, a bag and a big pincushion!


For my second class I chose Flemish weaving. It's hard to imagine making a product in this slow technique in only two days, and I think our poor instructor was kind of worried. After all - she couldn't know how many talented students she had ;-)


She had made the cutest little samples to inspire us, and together with her husband she had prepared small kits with supplies including the most adorable miniature weaving frame. It was just big enough for my two postage stamps tapestries, finished just in time for our exhibition!


After weaving the postage stamps tulips were sewn together with wool and sheepskin, and made the cutest wrist warmers! I can't wait to use them, hope it gets colder soon...


Nuff about me - there were other classes of course, weaving, basketry, ironwork, wire crafts, woodwork, knitting...

Lilja attended the craft circus for kids, and had a great time. They were felting, sewing, widdling and playing a lot!


While Sindre and Inger Marie were aspiring blacksmiths in a youth camp of their own. The otherwise very ladylike Inger Marie surprised us all by working really hard and creating among other things a very impressive bracelet!


And my husband spent the entire week making lovely willow baskets. Now all we need is a willow field... ;-)

Conclusion: another successful camp and lots of new ideas. I guess the most useful thing I learned was how to transfer a pattern to wool cloth, much easier than I had imagined. I'm going to use that knowledge again very soon.

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I'm sooooo jealous of you! I want such workshops here in Poland, too! (Okay, next year I must think about travelling to Sweden. ^^) You learnt so many interesting things, I've never seen this type of Swedish embroidery - I love it! It's so colourful! And the wristwarmers you woven are great - this is the piece of garment I start to like more and more. Tell me, tell me how can you transfer a pattern to a wool cloth, please? *^v^*

One more thing - because I love your works very much I nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! *^v^*

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Hei- takk for hyggelig kommentar p bloggen min:-) Jeg ble s opptatt av perlene og nlebindinga to av damene holdt p med p museet at jeg helt glemte ta bilder...

Turen din til Skne hrtes kjempespennende ut- det er alltid moro prve noe nytt.Du har ei flott side. Og jeg er helt enig med Joanna-du er en Rockin'GirlBlogger! Ha en fin helg!

Joanna - the Nordic craft camp is organized by the Nordic Craft Council, and I'm not sure if they accept participants from other than the member countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland (Estonia participated once...)) The camps are held in these countries every 6th year, and next year it's Iceland's turn. We've been to camps in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.

Besides according to the rules the classes must be helt in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

But if you have the possability to go to Sweden for craft courses, I'd recomend Sterglntan. They give classes in just about everyting, from one week to two years :)

Read more here:

I know they have a few international students as well. I took a class there once, and it was a great experience. You get to live at the school, and my cottage was about 300 years old, with all hand made furniture and hand woven textiles. Even the window blinds have hand woven cords!!! It was like I died and went to textile heaven


May be I'll write up a tutorial for the pattern transfering once I get around to trying it again. It's a lot easier to explain with photos...

I am amazed with your finished projects!

They are really lovely.

I've always admired that style of embroidery too, it must have been a fun class.

Her har det bokstavelig talt vrt liv i leiren!

Jeg har tatt meg den frihet nominere deg til Rockin' Girl Blogger. Om du vil ta utfordringen videre er helt opp til deg. Jeg hadde bare lyst til skryte litt av bloggen din til mine blogglesere!

Hilsen Lillefix fra et sted mellom noen sorte saueskinn...

As always, incredibly impressive and beautiful work!!!

What a wonderful class you had. The embroideries are gorgeous.

Your Sockapalooza 4 Pal

Hi Helene!

You have a wonderful way of spending a holiday!

I have sent the socks I knit for you and hope that you will receive them soon.

You should get them by today or tomorrow, I should think.

Please let me know when they arrive!

No socks yet....

Interesting your website. I will visit tomorrow. Thanks for your works

Hi, cool site. What CMS is it?

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