Crazy Joanna

Imagine - working on an embroidered tapestry for four years, and then shipping it off to a country far, far away to a perfect stranger. Must be the act of a very crazy person! In a GOOD way, that is.


Look, as if this wasn't already waaaay too much, she even included some knitted and decorated wrist warmers for Lilja. "Just what I always wanted", was the first thing she said.


So there are two very happy girls over here. I have a spot figured out for the tapestry, hope it'll do it justice. Thank you Joanna!!

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Not a stranger at all, I feel that I've developed quite a relationship with some fellow bloggers! *^v^* I'm glad you both like what I sent you, enjoy the presents! ^^

Wery beatyful!

Dette var virkelig et kunstverk, alts! Helt fantastisk, det m jeg si.

Ellers m du ha en god helg!

Sometimes it is hard to let go of our creations. I've wanted some of them back! BTW, I have tagged you to play a game where you list 7 interesting things about yourself. You can read more about it in my blog. Thanks! :) - Teresa

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