Still busy, no time to chat, just letting you all know that I'm still alive.

And I'd also like to thank all my commenters for their help. Without you blogging would be very boring - you make it all worthwhile :) I read and appreciate all my comments. Some times I get questions in the comments, and if I don't have time to answer right away, it might slip my mind. Here are a few:

Jaska needed some help designing a nalbinding sock. It's hard making patterns for nalbinding, since your thumb size decides the gauge. But this site might help you on your way.

Stariel and Lisa wanted some beginners help with nalbinding. Petras videos are great. This site shows how to start, and different stitches. And this is how I started out making my second bag.

It's nice to see that also my bobbin lace caught your attention. I hope to bring you more lace photos soon, but needless to say this is a very slow technique, and right now time is just what I'm in lack of. For Elise, Elisabeth or others that want to learn bobbin lacemaking, I really recommendtaking classes. There are a few beginner lessons on the web, like here and here, even an online lace school, but a book would be better, and a teacher is the best!

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Helene, have you heard about the GAAA knit-along? Are you a member? I haven't found you among the names, it's here if you're interested: http://aranafghanalong.blogspot.com/

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