Enda en julegave ferdig

Votte/sokkesettet fra Selbustrikk er ferdig :)


Skal med det første pakkes inn og sendes langt av sted.

The socks and mittens from Selbustrikk are done :)
Ready for wrapping and shipping to a faraway place.

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Hey Helene,I just checked out the website with the Selbu mittens and socks. Unfortunately, I can't speak any Scandinavian languages; is there a possibility to buy that book/magazine somewhere? Do you have any idea if it exists in English as well? Thanks!

Those mittens and socks are SO CUTE. I really want to get that Selbustrikk book now. To the prior commenter, you may be able to get Arnhild at http://www.arnhild.com/ to do a translation for a fee. You can also buy a book called Knitting Languages which is a knitting term stitch dictionary in multiple languages.

KJEMPEFINE, spesielt siden jeg strikker et par fra samme hefte og sliter som en helt. Sukk. Jeg trodde jeg kunne strikke jeg...

Sorry to comment in English, but I love those mittens and socks! I'm a real pushover for black and white work.Thanks for your comment on the Who Wouldn't Love a Handknitted Gift? blog. I used Koigu KPPPM and Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the Mrs. Beeton wristies. See my blog for discussion.

Monica Jensen

Hei!Kjempefint strikket.Lurte p om jeg kunne ftt mnsteret?

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