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The summer suddenly hit us with no warning. Lilja's summer clothes from last year were all too small - she must have grown a lot!

We dived into the huge pile of too small clothes to find something useful. We ended up with two outgrown jeans.


Lilja was in total shock when I cut her old jeans apart. She was of the opinion that it was not allowed to cut ones clothes into pieces... how odd...


The first pair of jeans was turned into a dress. This was a baby-style pair with buttons all the way, and I cut off the button bands. Then I ripped the seam almost to the waist, crossed the leg parts and sewed them in place. I had to rip and resew several times to get the right shape. I think the gathers in the front complicated things a bit for me, but in the end it turned out good. For the front I had to add a triangular piece cut from the legs. Finally I attached a piece of lace to decorate it.

There is a great tutorial on making jeans skirts here.

The second transformation was easier. We just cut off the legs, and added some floral fabric for edging and a pocket.


This tomboy really needs some girling up!



Postet av: Kim

That skirt is very cute, as is your little one! The picture of your cat on your laptop made me laugh out loud!

08.05.2006 @ 15:47
Postet av: Fuglemamma

Jeg er full av beundring for disse syprosjektene dine! Akkurat det jeg selv gjerne skulle gjort, men aldri får gjort. Strikkepinnene er liksom så mye lettere tilgjengelig. Kan jo ikke sy på maskin i sofaen... Kos dere i sommervarmen!

08.05.2006 @ 21:24
Postet av: Rebecca

You continue to amaze me with your beautiful sewing! I love the dress you made from the jeans.

Postet av: Siow Chin

Really beautiful make-overs!

09.05.2006 @ 03:45
Postet av: HildeC

Great idea, the dress really turned out good :-)

09.05.2006 @ 11:03
Postet av: Dipsy D.

Hi from Austria! I'm absolutely impressed by your sewing, as well as for coming up with such amazing ideas what to make out of old jeans! Especially the dress looks so pretty! Great work!

09.05.2006 @ 14:27
Postet av: Den gode feen

Lysthuset er observert, og det fristar meg berre meir og meir :o) Fantastisk fine klede du har fått ut av dei gamle... Trur eg må gå gjennom haugen med for små klede hos oss også, og sjå om noko kan fiksast på. Klem :o)

11.05.2006 @ 09:23

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