I get a few questions in the comments, and I'm not always very good at answering right away. Here comes a few:

Britt Unni asked about my domino knitting. I used Vivian Høxbro's book, you'll find it both in Norwegian and English.

Sherry asked about the "selbustrikk" book with the baby mittens. You can see all the patterns here. In Norway it's available in the Husfliden shops, and international customers can try to contact the Swedish web shop at info@helylle.se  If you have problems finding it, why don't you send Rauma an e-mail at post@raumaull.no.

Elisabeth and Cindy asked about my nålbinding gauntlets. What pattern i used? My hand :) Just start with a row of stiches long enough to go around your hand, and then increase/decrease until it fits. How's that for a pattern :)

Linda asked about the bobbin lace rose - the pattern was made by Pits Priia, but I think they only speek Finnish over there, I had to use my hands and feet to explain what I wanted. So I guess you'll better pay them a visit next time you're in Finland.

Petra wanted the instructions for my Marius sweater. You'll find it here (credits to Eva), but only in Norwegian. The pattern is made by Sandnes uldvarefabrikk, may be they can help you with an English version?

Marianne and Susan asked about the pattern for the sockapaltwosa socks. Again you'll have to try Rauma at post@raumaull.no.

If this didn't answer your questions, you'll better try again :)

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I used a generic drop shoulder sweater pattern for the dragon sweater and my husband drew the dragon on knitter's graph paper 18 sts/10cm. I'd be happy to email you the dragon graph or snail mail it if it doesn't scan well.

Dear Helene,sorry but I cannt read the introduction.The copy isnt really good.a good time for you and your family Petra

Hi Helene,Sandnes has published the Marius sweater in English, I believe they are still in print. I know that Bea Ellis Knitwear in the US carries copies.Wendy

the official English source for Sandnes patterns is SKD Yarns in the UK.

here's some Marius patterns in English. Hope this helps!!!


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