A busy day in the mountains is over for this time. Hubby was in charge of making a small viking camp and instruct the visitors in archery. Just a few days in advance the guy who was in charge of the wood working called up hubby to tell him he had to do that too, because the other guy couldn't make it. It's hard enough being in two different places at once, but doing this between two night shifts with no sleep  - that's just crazy!


Of course we had to help him out, Sindre and I took our part of the archery. And after hours of telling people the same things over and over... the kids finally got to send off some arrows themselves.


By the way - don't think I've showed you Sindre's new short sleeved wool tuniq. I made it before the first trips, but the weather has been so great this summer, he didn't get a chance to wear it until now.

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Flotte bueskyttere:-) Angende finjakken, s ligger nok den fortsatt umontert i kurven. Jeg har imidlertid en veldig god unnskyldning!

Unnskyldningen er n utdypet i bloggen:-)

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