sockapalooza socks have arrived

I just got home from work to discover that my sockapalooza socks, knitted by Carla, had arrived. She used the blueberry waffle sock pattern by Sandy Turner. They are in a lovely green/blue viagrated wool yarn, and they fits perfectly! THANKS CARLA!


My camera is out of town for the weekend, so I only have this crappy scan to show you, but I just couldn't wait. Better pics to come, I promise....

sockapalooza sokker

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Wow, they've arrived already?! So glad that you like them. You know, I've been so worried about getting mine done in time, I'd almost forgotten that some will be coming my way soon. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Can't wait for another picture so we can see the colors.

Wow - were you the first to receive your socks? How exciting!

Nice socks! Thanks so very very very much for mine. They are utterly spectacular. The nicest knitted gift I have ever received.

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